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St Ives - Cornwall

  Angela Diggle - Artist - St Ives Cornwall
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Angela Diggle- Artist - St Ives Cornwall.

"I thought of all things gold and I thought of you" said one of her students to Angela once upon a time ........

The gold, occasionally copper, used for decorative fine lines and marks are often the distinctive signs of a painting or collage of an Angela Diggle work.

A collage using hydrangea heads or a cat looking out to watch a fantastic sunset from the safety of a window ledge may glisten with gold touches and the poppies which often feature in her paintings can be outlined in gold.

Angela thinks the the fascination for gold is something to do with being a "dragon" in the Chinese horoscope? That, or she simply likes all things that glisten!

Dashes and dots of gold are also to be found on the hand painted silk scarves which are exclusive one off designs – Angela accepts commissions for that special occasion.

The challenge of painting watercolours remains encouraged by recent successes in the annual Royal Water Colour Society Open Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, London. The latest entry " A lonely impulse of delight" with poppies and irises and here and there tiny marks of gold capturing the light.

You will find Angela in her Studio/Gallery in The Sloop Studios just behind
St Ives Harbour.

Art by Angela Diggle
Phone - Studio: 01736 796 051
Studio / Gallery: 14 Sloop Studios, Capel Court, St.Ives, TR26 1LS
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